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Peak Building Systems Joins Forces with American Buildings as Pre Engineered Metal Building Partners

We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership that is set to dramatically increase the capability, quality and scope of pre-engineered metal buildings projects Peak Building System can work on. Peak Building Systems, a renowned design/build construction solutions provider, is joining forces with American Buildings, a Nucor Brand. This collaboration brings together two industry leaders committed to delivering excellence, innovation, and unmatched customer satisfaction. Let's delve into the benefits that this alliance brings to the table.

A factory tour of American's Utah factory. Seen in the background are hundreds of rolls of coiled steel that will be made into both sheeting and secondary framing.
Our Team gets a detailed tour of the massive American Buildings Factory last month in Brigham City, UT. This room contains hundreds of coils that will soon be made into sheeting and secondary framing.

Manufacturing Quality:

One of the key advantages of teaming up with American Buildings is their unwavering commitment to manufacturing quality. American Buildings has built a stellar reputation for its meticulous attention to detail and precision engineering. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities utilize cutting-edge technologies, ensuring the highest standards of quality throughout the production process. By aligning with American Buildings, Peak Building Systems can now deliver pre-engineered metal buildings that exemplify superior craftsmanship, durability, and structural integrity.

A worker is hard at work buffing out the rough edges of a newly formed I-beam for a pre-engineered metal building. Sparks can be see shooting from his tools and he is covered in mask and respirator.
A worker is hard at work buffing out the flange on a soon to be completed section of an enormous I-beam. Workers in this plant have an incredible safety record and regularly receive accolades relating to the lack of incidents from the Metal Building Contractors and Erector Association.

Customer Service Excellence:

The partnership between Peak Building Systems and American Buildings guarantees an elevated customer experience. American Buildings' customer service is second to none, with a dedicated team of experts who provide comprehensive support from project inception to completion. From design consultation and engineering assistance to project management and after-sales support, clients can expect personalized attention and a seamless experience throughout their construction journey. By leveraging American Buildings' customer service expertise, Peak Building Systems can now offer unparalleled assistance and guidance, ensuring client satisfaction at every step.

A welder welds an I-Beam together on an assembly line at the Nucor Factory in Brigham City, UT.
Here a rafter is being welded together by a specialist. This piece will next be painted with a gray or red primer then loaded on to a truck to be delivered to jobsite after drying.

Quality of Steel:

When it comes to pre-engineered metal buildings, the quality of steel is paramount. American Buildings takes pride in using only the finest quality steel in their construction projects. As a Nucor Brand, American Buildings benefits from Nucor's exceptional steel manufacturing capabilities. Nucor is known for its advanced steel production processes, stringent quality control measures, and commitment to sustainable practices. By incorporating Nucor steel into their pre-engineered metal buildings, American Buildings ensures structural integrity, superior performance, and long-lasting durability. This translates to peace of mind for clients, knowing that their buildings are built to withstand the test of time.

An assembly line is shown with C-girts and z-girts at a Nucor factory in Brigham City, UT
Gray primed "Z" girts and Red Primed "C" girts are seen here waiting inspection and then loading. These have recently been rolled, painted and will soon be headed to a jobsite near you!

The alliance between Peak Building Systems and American Buildings, a Nucor Brand, marks a significant milestone in the realm of pre-engineered metal buildings. Together, these industry leaders bring an unmatched combination of manufacturing quality, customer service excellence, and top-grade steel. Clients can now experience the benefits of American Buildings' precision engineering, personalized support, and the assurance of Nucor steel. This partnership symbolizes a shared commitment to delivering exceptional construction solutions, driving innovation, and building a brighter future for the industry.

At Peak Building Systems, we are excited about the limitless possibilities this collaboration offers. We look forward to leveraging American Buildings' expertise and resources to continue delivering outstanding pre-engineered metal buildings that exceed client expectations. Join us on this incredible journey as we shape the future of construction together.

For more information about our partnership with American Buildings, please visit our website or contact our dedicated team. Let's build greatness together!

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