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How Are Insulated Metal Panels Made?

On January, 17 2024 I headed down to Leon, Mexico to visit our manufacturing partner, Isocindu, to see exactly what goes into every insulated metal panel that we sell to our customers. At Peak Building Systems, we pride ourselves on only working with partners that are as committed to quality and excellence as we are. Because of this, these trips are critical to vetting the manufacturing process to ensure that what we are delivering meets the standard of what we promise to our customers every day. This blog details my experience learning a little bit about how these panels are made as well as what make Isocindu special.

First things first, what exactly are insulated metal panels? Short Answer is that they're sturdy, energy-efficient, and incredibly versatile, making them the go-to choice for a wide range of building projects. Although they are traditionally more expensive than other options in the industry, they offer an incredible range of architectural and energy efficiency that make them a popular choice in building design.

The outside front of Isocindu's Insulated Metal Panel Factory in Leon, Guanajuato Mexico
Isocindu's factory in Leon, Guanajuato Mexico

How are these mighty insulated metal panels made and brought to life? It's pretty simple really.

  • Material Selection: Like any good recipe, it all starts with selecting the finest ingredients. In the case of insulated metal panels, that means choosing high-quality steel sheets or coils of steel material and a core insulation material, usually polyurethane foam or mineral wool for fire protection. These materials are selected based on their durability, insulation properties, and compatibility with the intended application. At Isocindu, we saw the hundreds of coils waiting to become panels and could see the array of colors available to be put into service when the time comes.

Metal coils stored for future insulated metal panel construction
Here are some of the coils waiting to become the outside faces insulated panels.

  • Panel Formation: Once the materials are on hand, it's time to work some magic! The steel sheets are fed into a roll-forming machine, where they undergo a series of precise bends, cuts, and shapes to form the outer skins of the panels. Meanwhile, the core insulation material is prepared in large batches, ready to be sandwiched between the steel sheets.

Steel coils installed on a machine for production of Insulated Metal Panel
Coil shown will be one side of the insulated metal panel. Inside the cage area to the left of this panel, the other side of the panel is ready to be rolled down the line simultaneously.

  • Bonding Process: With the steel skins and insulation core at the ready, it's time for them to come together in perfect harmony. The panels pass through a specialized bonding machine, where the steel skins are carefully pressed onto the insulation core. This process ensures a strong, seamless bond that keeps the panels structurally sound and well-insulated.

An insulated metal panel is shown after being made
A newly produced IMP is shown here after the internal foam has been added.

  • Trimming and Finishing Touches: Once the panels are bonded, it's time to trim any excess material and add any desired finishing touches. This might include applying coatings for added protection against corrosion or adding grooves for aesthetic purposes. Attention to detail is key at this stage to ensure that the panels meet the desired specifications and quality standards. The video below shows a newly cut, completely finished panel heading down to the shipping preparation station.

  • Quality Control: Last but certainly not least, every batch of insulated metal panels undergoes rigorous quality control testing. This includes checks for dimensional accuracy, bond strength, insulation properties, and overall structural integrity. Only panels that pass these strict tests make it out of the factory and into the hands of builders and contractors. What's special about Isocindu, is that this process happens starts as soons as the components reach the factory. Every batch of foam or chemical compound that arrives to the factory is tested for it's R-value (how well a material insulates against the transfer of heat), Compression Rate, Resistance of the material to fire, as well as many other metrics to make sure that when the components come together the output is of the highest performance standard.

And there you have it, folks – a sneak peek into the fascinating world of Isocindu's insulated metal panels! From material selection to quality control, every step of the process is crucial in creating these remarkable building materials. We cannot be more proud to carry these panels after visiting this facility. From the people at the plant to the finished product in the field, we've done the homework to make sure your project is in the best of hands when you trust us with your project. To get started, give us a call at 720-282-5074 or by emailing us at

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